Power Hashing are a team of crypto currency experts, entrepreneurs, business professionals, network marketers, and programming developers who have unite to offer a very simple business model around a very complex industry.

We help to educate, provide services for, protect and profit from this emerging technology. Our team provides a global platform to help learn and earn in crypto currency industry.

This is global opportunity for BITCOIN enthusiasts to reap the benefits of early beginners in the industry. We offer our cloud mining services which enable our clients to generate profits in Bitcoin space.

What we do

We have combined the strength of crowd funding and bitcoin mining to bring you a very unique opportunity in the Bitcoin industry. By using expertise of our team we are able to provide a profitable mining operation that uses an affiliate programme to leverage the earning potential of our clients.

This business model is very simple! You purchase mining contract with us that is used to mine Bitcoin and we pay you daily profits on your share of all Bitcoin being mined. When you spread the word and help educating others and they get on board and help in increasing the hashing rate , your earn profits through that as well.

The more you share, the more you will earn!


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